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Dr. Qin



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Dr. Qin’s practice

General scope of practice:
-  All kinds of pain such as migraine, back, neck, leg, knee, hip pain, and sciatic pain etc.
-  Arthritis, muscle knots, sprain, strain, sport injuries, post- surgical recovery
-  Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow
-  Trigeminal neuralgia
-  TMJ problem, toothache
-  Chronic fatigue, MS, fibromyalgia
-  Cancers- treat symptoms and improving well-being
-  Quit smoking
-  Weight loss
-  Depression, stress, insomnia
-  Hay fever, sinuses infection
-  Asthma, chronic cough
-  Crohn's disease, IBS
- Hypothyroid
-  Eczema, rashes and acne etc.

Acupuncture for women’s conditions
-  PMS (pre- menstrual syndrome)
-  Painful period, irregular menstrual cycle
-  Uterus fibroids, ovary cyst
-  Infertility, IVF support, acupuncture can assist IVF in the following way:

.  Improving blood flow to the uterus
.  Promoting ovulation
.  Making the body more adjustable to the hormones used during treatment
.  Decreasing stress level

Acupuncture for men’s issue
-  Lower sex drive, impotence
-  Prostatitis, enlarged prostate
-  Frequent urination
-  Lower energy

Anti-aging therapy
Osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases
Cosmetic facial lifting, anti-wrinkle therapy
Chronic fatigue, lower energy
-  Visual and hearing acuity decreased due to aging
-  Hair loss