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Massage Calgary NW-Registered Massage Therapist(RMT)




201, 4803 Centre ST, NW, CALGARY, AB T2E 2Z6 PH:403 690-8086




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Massage therapy helps to reduce muscle tightness,tension, soften the knots, scar tissue, and break down the adhesion of the soft tissue and increase the circulation; helps to create the relaxation of your body and the mind. Our clinic provides therapeutic,deep tissue, and relaxation massage to adapt different condition of each individual. Our skilful hard working massage therapists will help you to resolve your problems. They can go deeper, medium or lighter pressure according to your needs. Our clinic treatment results show that the combination of massage and acupuncture treatment will achieve a better therapeutic result for many conditions.

Our clinic offers different kinds of massage therapy including therapeutic deep tissue relaxation, Chinese Acupressure massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology(feet)massage, prenatal and couple massage. We will treat you all kinds of pain tightness, like shoulders, neck, back pain, sciatic pain; any strain, sprain and injuries; stress, body mind relaxing etc.

We treat following conditions

- Sciatic pain,back,neck,shoulder pain
- Muscle knots,tightness, spasm
- Frozen shoulder
- Arthritis
- Strain,sprain
- Migraine,tension headache
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- IBS,constipation
- Chronic fatigue
- Fibromyalgia, MS
- Whiplash
- Stress
- Post surgeory recovery

We Provide

. Therapeutic massage
. Relaxation massage
. Acupressure massage
. Deep tissue massage
. Prenatal massage therapy
. Lymphatic drainage
. Shiatsu massage
. Craniosacral therapy
. Chinese Reflexology(10 minutes special Chinese herb foot bath,following 50 minutes foot massage)
. Couple Massage(two massage tables in the same nice big room)

Guarantee Satisfaction!



Lina.RMT, 10+ years massage experience, NHPC Member, 2200 hours massage Cert., she does Therapeutic, Deep tissue, Acupressure, prenatal, lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology. She is good at for therapeutic deep tissue massage for treating shoulders,back pain, sciatic pain by using trigger points, Acupressure Points and stretching techniques etc...


Josie,RMT, She is a registered massage therapist, NHPC member with 2200 hours Cert. She does deep tissue, therapeutic massage therapy and relaxation massage. She applied a variety of massage techniques to fit your needs, such as trigger points, acupressure points,gliding, compression and blending with stretching techniques....She is good at to treat shoulders, back and sciatic pain and headache


Helen, RMT, NHPC member, experienced massage therapist, 2200 hours education Cert. She does therapeutic, Deep tissue, relaxation, lymphatic, and Prenatal massage therapy. Her techniques are characterized as soothing, relaxing with warm hands feeling while you are enjoying a relaxation massage ; feel solid and firm deep pressure during the course of therapeutic deep tissue massage.The client always referred her massage as very comfortable massage either for relaxation and therapeutic massage. She works on Tuesday

Vivian,RMT, NHPC member, 2200 hours massage Cert.,6 years experience.She practices therapeutic and relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage. She combines Western and Eastern techniques to adapt the clients different conditions for the best results. She works Monday , Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.