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Acupuncture Massage Calgary




201, 4803 Center ST, NW, CALGARY, AB T2E 2Z6 PH:403 690-8086

Dr. Qin(Chin)




Consultation(First visit following with treatment) $15
Consultation only without treatment $30
Acupuncture single session $70/ one session

6 Acupuncture sessions package $390
10 Acupuncture sessions package $600

NOTE: Additional conditions other than main complain which needed more body areas being treated and additional time consumption needed will apply additional $20 charge

Massage therapy
60 minutes $80
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $65
75 minutes massage$100
90 minutes $115
Hot Stone Massage will add $10 from above fee (based one hour massage)
60 minutes Craniosacral therapy $90
6 times one hour massage package $450

$30/one time

$30/one time

Monday to Friday:10am to 7pm
Saturday:10am to 2pm
Sunday: by appointment (for emergency patients only)
Holiday: close for Acupuncture

Massage Therapy:
Monday to Sunday(7 days/a week):9:30am to 8pm
Holiday: open, by appointment