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MO(Mandarin Oriental) Acupuncture & Massage centre Calgary is a holistic medical centre which provides Acupuncture, massage therapy (2200+hours Cert.) and Chinese herb medicine treatment. It is conveniently located around Central Calgary,the junction of NW, NE Calgary: 201, 4803 Centre street Northwest. Please access through the front entrance of the building to the second floor of the professional building which is next to the strip mall (by Mcknight blvd and Center st). It is easily to access through the major roads No.2 highway, John Laurie blvd ,Centre St., McKnight blvd, Edmonton Trail and 16 Ave.

We are proudly to serve NW, NE, Airdrie and South side of Calgary areas.The areas we serve including those, but not limited: Thorncliff, Greenview, Highland Park, Beddington, Sandstone, Harvest Hills, Country Hill, Huntington Hill, Charleswood, Brentwood, Edgemont, MacEwan, Hampton and Prairie,Castleridge, Falconridge, Temple, Whitehorn, Coral springs etc. Reserved parking are right in the front of the building (you can take any space) and plenty of free parking by the side of the Alley. For direction, please click GOOGLE MAP.

Background of Dr.LingLing Qin
Dr. Qin, a registered Acupuncturist, TCMD and RMT is dedicated to serve you the best. She has worked in hospital as an internal MD for over 15 years in China. She has a background of Medical science Bachelor degree ( 6 years study, graduated in 1988), and was trained both in conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Unlike Western country, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment is very popular and widely used to treat a variety of conditions in Chinese hospitals and medical clinics because of the good therapeutic effects and less side effects. In China, most of cases, Dr. Qin treated her patients with both modern Western medicine and Traditional Chinese herb medicine combination. Some patients were only treated with Chinese medicine, especially for some chronic conditions which responded not well for western medicine or some patients experienced strong side effects with western medications or cancer patients with lower immune system etc. The experience as an internal MD is very helpful for her to treat the complicated cases which Western medicine couldn't deal with and better understand the conditions of the patients she treated.

Back to China, Dr.Qin started to be interested in Acupuncture field because of her own chronic lower back pain and other issues. At that time,she experienced long term sciatic pain. She tried Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment, but couldn't get a stable effect. Eventually she tried Acupuncture treatment regularly for a period time. During that time, the muscles were gradually getting looser, the pain was lessening to a manageable level, eventually pain free. As a Medical Physician, she believe Acupuncture and herbs can help a lot of her patients in many conditions. So, she decided to accomplish the Acupuncture Speciality program in Chengdu Chinese Medicine University in China, to help herself and her patients as well.

In 2001, she moved to Canada for her practice. She is a member of CAAA ( College and Association of Acupuncturist of Alberta) and MTAA. She provides Acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine treatment and Massage therapy..

To expand her practice, She has completed 2 years (2200h) Massage therapy program in Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta in 2005 and joined MTAA( Massage Therapist Association of Alberta) as a member. MTAA is the only association requiring the passing of the provincial exam before becoming a member and recognized by all insurance companies. During her study, the Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology courses have been refreshed ,which is very useful for her Acupuncture practice. Therefore, except Acupuncture practice, she also practices Acupressure massage, Lymphatic drainage, prenatal and Craniosacral therapy.

Each year, Dr. Qin took professional continue education courses to brush up her Knowledge in order to maintain a very good status as a member of professional association and keep outstanding in this Acupuncture profession.

During her spare time, she likes to do Qigong, meditation, and yoga. She enjoys exploring the rocky mountain and hiking during the summer.

Unique Diagnosis and Treatment Approach of Acupuncture
Dr. Lingling Qin  applies TCM approach to treat her patients. She will go through the whole history of her patient first; do observation (facial, general appearance etc.); and tongue, pulse diagnosis, which is a very important part of diagnosis process of the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Acupuncture(note: in order to accurately get the diagnosis, do not drink coffee, juice or eat something can tint the colour of the tongue coating and do not brush off the tongue coating before the appointment).

Then she will conclude where is the weakness or excess and which organs are involved? Is Yin and Yang balanced? Is the Qi deficient? All above information will guide Dr. to select the right acupuncture points. After initial treatment, the tongue and pulse will be re-examined during the whole course of each follow up treatment in order to know any change of the disease, especially for those conditions which involve the internal organs dysfunction. She treats the root of cause, not only the symptoms.

Also, she treats a variety range of internal dysfunction with Chinese formula medicine, for those cases which conventional western medicine couldn't deal with. It's a great complimentary way to treat with minimal side effects. Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs is a very good method to optimize the systems and to achieve a balance. After treatment, she will give advice of proper diet, lifestyle, and exercises etc.